Products & Services

KnipBio has been developing unique single cell protein technologies for animal feeds, with an emphasis on aquaculture since 2013.

Interested in understanding if our solutions meet your needs? Please reach out, we appreciate the opportunity to discuss further. Our collaborative approach works for:

  • Growers: Higher productivity and healthier animals
  • Feed manufacturers: Help to lower costs, provide stable supply of ingredients, improve sustainability 
  • Nutritionists: Understand the impact of alternative ingredients
  • Market Development: Repurpose bio-materials for nutrition


We are the "Intelligence Inside" for animal nutrition. KnipBio is an industry leader, developing its own products and/or assisting others through a contract service program in evaluating alternative materials as potentially complementary products. We can contract our expertise in biotechnology, fermentation, aquaculture and nutrition to provide you the critical information you need to help tailor your nutritional solution.  

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