About KnipBio

KnipBio was first conceived by an evolutionary microbiologist Chris Marx and myself, Larry Feinberg, an industrial biotechnologist and entrepreneur. I was looking into microbial conversion technologies that can potentially take advantage of the natural gas renaissance currently underway and approached Dr. Marx to take advantage of his over 17 years’ experience with this kind of microbial physiology.

Making something that is in lesser abundance, like protein, from a non-food feedstock was seemingly remarkable. Moreover, this microbe can offer more than just high quality protein – it can also be a source of valuable biomolecules like the anti-oxidant carotenoids that often give salmon or shrimp their red color.  

By first growing enough protein biomass in my barn, we ran a pilot feed study with clownfish and smallmouth grunts in collaboration with researchers from the New England Aquarium and Roger Williams University. The results were quite positive and that set us out on our path to technology development, industrial scale-up and feed trials using commercially relevant fish like salmon and trout.  

Fish farms, or aquaculture have grown dramatically worldwide over the last couple of decades. There is no better way to feed the world's expected 9 billion people other than through advances in agriculture like aquaculture. In 2013 for the first time ever, more tons of fish were raised on farms throughout the world than cattle as wild fisheries hit their upper limits.

Not surprisingly, there is a need to do things better and I think we can help. Better, “cleaner” farm-raised fish, means healthier people and sustainable wild marine fish stocks. So, by combining the talents and energies of our world-class team, KnipBio can profitably contribute to addressing these worldwide issues.

Larry Feinberg, CEO