What We Do

KnipBio is a clean biotechnology company that realizes that we are not only what we eat, but we are what our food eats too.

By harnessing the potential of synthetic biology and metabolic engineering, KnipBio creates solutions for sustainable aquaculture.

KnipBio's game-changing protein source combines the attributes of protein-packed fishmeal and carotenoids in one effective, affordable replacement -- the KnipBio Meal (KBM).

KBM is a transformative breakthrough in the future of aquaculture feed.

KBM promotes digestive health for a wide variety of important animals. Initial tests using KBM have demonstrated impressive results: not only is the feed a suitable and palatable fishmeal replacement, but Atlantic salmon, rainbow trout and shrimp experienced advanced benefits like high digestibility. Additionally, KBM has a positive resource, water, land-use and energy footprint. 

KnipBio’s technological advancements will produce healthier, cleaner fish. We aim to reduce or even eliminate the need for overfished feeder species, and stabilize rising costs to aquaculture worldwide.